vavaira essence

Vavaira serum


This gentle and perfect skin care serum is made from peel-oil of Orange Natsudaidai which is a specialty of Yamaguchi Japan. It is completely free from artificial preservatives, parabens, UV absorber which is not good for your skin, pigment and liquid paraffin. Orange Natsudaidai peel-oil plays a role in the formation of skin cells by improving blood flow and maintains your healthy skin. Because it increase metabolism in skin itself, you can expect regular regeneration of skin and many good results such as face lift up, getting a smaller face, preventing your skin from getting dry, stained and wrinkled. This is why VAVAIRA SERUM is skin-friendly and improve your skin condition.


How We Developed Orange Natsudaidai peel-oil

Unlike animals which are able to migrate to their best places, plants have a distinct capacity of self-protection because they have to survive under harsh and uncertain environment conditions. Plants’ antioxidant and antibacterial potencies enable them to protect from UV rays or wind and rain. Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that are contained in such as pigment, scent and bitterness of plants. They are nutrients found in peels of fruits and vegetables. There are five vital nutrients for human: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamin and Mineral. Recently, it is known and draw increasing attention that Fiber as sixth and Phytochemical as seventh nutrient.

Peels have antioxidant effect; it protect skins from getting oxidized by neutralizing active oxygen. We developed anti-inflammatory Orange Natsudaidai peel-oil because it can be used by everyone including who has delicate skin, and it has many good effects like increasing metabolism and improving blood flow.




1本 30ml 160$

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