Vavaira Matcha Green

About 80% of skin problems occur during face washing.

It is said that “the basics of beauty begin
and end with washing your face” and
keeping your skin clean is so important.
It is said that most skin problems occur
when you wash your face to remove makeup.


As an esthetician who has seen, touched,
and cleaned the skin of customers at esthetic salons,
We realized that face washing, which is the
basis of beauty, is necessary for beautiful skin,
and developed the Matcha Face Wash based
on customer feedback.

Clean pores

The face washing foam that can clean your
skin clearly with fluffy foam that can
absorb and clean dirt,sebum on the pores.
Is your skin rough? Are the pores darkened?
Do you have a complexion?
Contain vitamin A,C,E Acne effective.
Improvers whitening and stains

How about your face washing?

Do you use only lukewarm water for face
washing in the morning? Wash your face with
vavaira matcha facial washing foam 2 times
per day in the morning and night.
Let’s clean your skin.

Special Movie
Beauty Ingredients

Artemisia Absinthium

it is alcohol extract of wormseed.
Wormwood oil has antibacterial and preservative effects

Natsudaidai Peel Oil

Natsudaidai peels have a strong antioxidant effect;
it protect skins from getting oxidized by neutralizing active oxygen.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

It is also attracting worldwide attention as a health beautiful skin effect

Matcha Green

Matcha Face Wash

Volume:30g JPY 3,300en

3 set buy JPY 9,350en

Wake up your skin with the scent of earthy and refreshing Matcha Green Tea

It’s very important to keep your skin clean to improve acne prone skin. Matcha facial wash not just tackle acne; the product contains vitamins which fight the common signs of aging such as spot and dull and leave your skin brightened and youthful.

Matcha can remove impurities, dead skin
cells, and extra oil from your skin's surface
Excellent remedies for open pores and leave
your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer, open pore We know how important it is to wash your face, so why don't you try our face wash that we made with great care?
We want to make as many people as possible smile.
The skin of the summer orange, which is the raw material for our original cosmetic
ingredient "nutmeg peel oil", is grown by our staff on the premises of the company
without using agricultural chemicals.

Matcha Green

Matcha Face Wash

JPY 3,300en

3 set buy JPY 9,350en