Acne face wash Macha Green

Matcha (Green Tea) has been used in medicine since ancient times in Japan, and it is also effective for the human’s body.

It is also attracting worldwide attention as a health and beautiful skin effect.


Vavaira Matcha facial foam can improve acne and to be expected for whitening and anti-aging effects.

  • Improves skin texture (pores), improves acne, spots ,dullness, and moisturize your dry skin.

The antibacterial action of Matcha cleans dirt, sweat and sebum in the air attached to the skin.

It is a foam that can remove dirt to the depths of the pores and give a clean wash feeling.

Because of its unique formula, Matcha foam can continue using it every day and improve your skin moisturizing.

⭐️ Vavaira Matcha Foam Was recommended for those who are nervous with Acne, pores, stains, rough skin, dark nose etc.