The Collection of Vavaira Our 4 Commitments

The Collection of Vavaira  Our 4 Commitments


VAVAIRA products are composed to make your skin better moisturized.


We regulate your skin cell turnover by improving blood circulation.


Our own component is based on skin renewal cycle.


We will not use bad ingredients for your skin.


We will not use bad ingredients for your skin.


skin pigment

ultraviolet absorber


mineral oil


animal derived component

synthetic surfactant

What is skin cell turnover?

Skin cell turnover is the term used to describe the constant shedding of dead skin cells and subsequent replacement with younger cells.

The skin is made up of Epidermis, Dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis is made up of 4 layers; Basal, Spinous, Granular and Cornified layers in the order form inside to outside.

A new skin cell, which is born in the Basal layer, travels up changing its form until it reaches the uppermost layer of the skin. Once the cell reaches this layer, it becomes cornified cell, what we consider a “dead” skin cell. These old skin cells are finally sloughed off from the surface of skin.

This desquamation process is skin cell turnover.

In this way, new skin cells continue to arrive at the skin’s surface, pushing older cells off from beneath. That’s why the wounds will eventually scab and healed as clear skin.



Average turnover cycle of the skin is…


Teenage: 20 days

Twenties: 28 days

Thirties: 40 days

Forties: 55 days

Fifties: 75days

Sixties: 100 days

Turnover cycle is different with each person.

Generally speaking, our turnover rate and metabolism slows down as we age. It takes about 45days for thirties and forties.

That’s why it’s getting harder to heal wounds as we aged, even the wounds are minor.

For ideal skin cell turnover cycle, it is important to activate your skin cell’s metabolism by improving your blood circulation.



Face Serum Developed by a Professional Japanese Esthetician

“Vavaira” is a skin-rejuvenating serum developed by a professional Japanese Esthetician who has treated more than 14,000 women.

“Vavaira” is the product of her desire to cure even the smallest imperfections and create beautiful, flawless skin for all women.