This gentle and perfect skin care serum is extracted from the peel of the Natsudaidai

Vavaria Serum

This gentle and perfect skin care serum is extracted from the peel of the Natsudaidai, a type of orange local to Yamaguchi Japan. It is completely free from artificial preservatives,

parabens, skin-damaging UV absorbers, artificial pigments, and liquid paraffin.

Natsudaidai peel-oil plays a role in the formation of skin cells by improving blood flow and keeping your skin healthy.

As your skin’s metabolism increases, you can expect regular regeneration of skin which will make your skin more firm,

give your face a slimmer look, and prevent dryness, stains and wrinkles.

This is why the skin-friendly Vavaira Serum is proved to improve your skin condition.


How We Developed Natsudaidai peel-oil


Unlike animals who can change their habitats to suit their needs, plants are limited to their capacity of self-protection to survive under harsh and uncertain environmental conditions.

In order to survive harsh conditions such as rain, wind, and UV rays, plants build up their antioxidant and antibacterial defenses through producing nutrients called phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are nutrients that produce the pigment, scent, and bitterness of fruits and vegetables located in their peels of.

Up until now, there were believed to be only five vital nutrients for humans: Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals.

Recently, Fiber and Phytochemicals have garnished attention as the sixth and seventh nutrient.

Natsudaidai peels have a strong antioxidant effect; it protect skins from getting oxidized by neutralizing active oxygen.

We developed anti-inflammatory Natsudaidai peel-oil because we believe it can be used by people even with the most delicate skin.